Sunday, 26 May 2013

You can make a real difference for less than $30 USD!

A little background:  My mother used to say that what goes around comes around.  She also reminded me that it gains both girth and speed on the back stretch. The 4th Universal law - The law of receiving reminds us that in order to receive you must give, else you close off the channel.  

850 Thai baht is worth approximately 28.35 U.S. Dollars,  21.90 Euros, 18.73 British Pounds or 29.35 Australian Dollars.  It’s not a huge amount of money, though it’s not, at least to me, trivial.  I’m asking you to spend or donate that amount of money and here are my suggestions:
  •         If you happen to be in Chiang Mai on Saturday June First,For only 850 baht you can attend a Gala Charity Event ‘Eyes on Burma’ at the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel. Time: 5:30 exhibition and silent auction / 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. dinner, dancing, entertainment.  There are some details at:  The Best Friend  There are several great reasons to attend:

1.    My personal favorite:  It supports an organization that is needed in this uncertain time along the Thailand/Burma border
2.    The Key Note Speaker is Tin Tin Nyo, General Secretary of Women's League of Burma) and there will be representatives from several well known organizations all doing good work to help the people along the Thai/Burma border including some of my personal hero’s like the Free Burma Rangers and Partners Relief & Development.
3.    The dinner will be an exquisite Burmese buffet
4.    The entertainment will be provided by several Burmese organizations and
5.    The dance band will be Thailand’s famous Dang Fantastic!

 The Best Friend
  • If you can’t make the event, please make a donation at The Best Friend Library Indiegogo campaign.     Please give the amount that you are comfortable with, plus just $5.00 more!   The campaign goal is reachable and that allows the library to be sustainable.  

Indiegogo campaign
The Best Friend Library in Chaing Mai is probably responsible for saving the life of Chaa Nay Choo, the 14 year old who suffered horrific burns trying to save others in the fire at Mae Surin refugee camp near Mae Hong Song on 22 March. 
Chaa Nay Choo
Although the Chaa Nay Choo is still receiving support from the library, the managed to conduct a successful campaing to finance new arms for Khong Naitun, the migrant worker from Burma who lost both of his arms in an electrical accident at his worksite. 
Khong Naitun
Just one final thought.  The Best Friend Library in Chiang Mai is worth keeping open and you deserve all the prosperity and happiness that you will allow through your generous donations!  

Abundant Blessings, 



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