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Spot Light On Burma!

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It's impossible for me to write anything at all original about the 'Gala Charity Dinner and Dance - Spotlight on Burma'  My friend Garret Kostin, the director of the Chiang Mai branch of the Best Friend Burmese Library, has done a sterling job of posting information.   I'll just hit a few highlights, post a few photo's and ask you to check out the face book pages which are at Peace in Burma and The Best Friend Library 

Depending on who you talk to the event was about many things.  For me it started out about helping to raise money to keep the library open in the future.  However, it turned out to be much more.  It was an evening of awareness, compassion and good old fashioned fun!   The event's silent auction raised 65,550 baht ($2,260 US).  My congratulations to the contributing artists and my gratitude to the generous attendees who made this possible! 

Maliwan watches over a silent auction table
while I was taking pictures and networking.

One of the post event items posted on face book is more than worth quoting:  He wrote:  "If you had to pick just one, what would you say was your very favorite part of "Burma in the Spotlight" last night??

This could possibly be mine: the amazing DIVERSITY -- men and women; old and young; Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, atheists; Thais, Burmese, Shan, Kachin, Karen, Americans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Japanese, Australians, Germans, Brits, and on and on... All coming together for a night of fun together to support Burma, migrants and refugees, and the projects of The Best Friend in Chiang Mai and Shan State!"

My personal favorite experience was having the honor to meet Tin Tin Nyo, the Secretary General of the Women's league of Burma.  Short, to the point and very powerful is how I would describe her key note address.  She emphasized the need for women to be involved in Burma's political future and noted that while  changes are being proclaimed by the Burmese government any real change must be implemented on the ground.

Tin Tin Nyo and her party
Often I find myself frustrated, saddened and angry because horrific things happen to human beings and the people who influence the world just don't give a damn.  They seem only interested in lining their own pockets.  However, on the night of 1 June 2013 more than 450 people (guests, volunteers, staff and dignitaries) came together to support the Burmese people in their struggle for true freedom.   The event would not have been possible without all of them. However I'd like to mention:  Garrett Kostin, whose tireless work has made the library a reality!

Garrett Kostin
Director Best Friend Library Chiang Mai
The amazing food we enjoyed is a credit to the head Chef of the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel which provided a marvelous venue.   The event organizers Ram and Bazil made the event truly spectacular.   Several of my friends have commented on the quality and attention to detail that went into this special evening.

The Chef, The Organizers and someone

I posted images from the event at  Spotlight_on_Burma  They are also on my Facebook page Enjoy.  If you want to make a print of one any of these images please contact me and I will provide you with a print size file.  Please DO NOT download and print the images from my photobucket account or from my Facebook page.  First they are to small to get make a good print and 2nd it's a copyright violation.  A few more of my favorites are below.  Enjoy! 

Lovely Young Performers Ready for their big night!

We Women, one of many organizations represented

The Dance of the White Dear, a marvelous performace

Dang Fantastic, and he is! 

Grace and Beauty! 

Three English Students just after they made their first public speech!

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  1. You're right, Jerry. It was a fantastic evening. Great photos.